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                May, 2022 Update: Review Music Awards winner for Best CD of 2021!



Members of Odd Shaped Puzzle

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson (raised in Saginaw, MI) was has been playing guitar since he was an adolescent. He played with the band Sprout and the Orange for 20 years. He also performs a solo loop-show. Aaron has performed all over Michigan, as well as a national tour with Sprout. His love of music is evident when you watch him play. He has received many awards through the Mid-Michigan Review Awards (both with Sprout and as a solo artist), including: Best Guitar Player, Most Innovative, and Best New Album. He has the personality of a true performer and artist. Aaron is also a songwriter, and wrote and composed every song on the self-titled album, Odd Shaped Puzzle. Aaron wrote this album, and then called musicians in to play the different tracks for recording.  Approximately 8 artists played on the inaugural album, but the ongoing band developed through this process. Aaron's total roster of songs (for the entirety of his career) is around 75 songs. 

Justin Mangutz

 Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, Justin Mangutz has been making music the majority of his life. Starting with piano lessons at 8 years old, he quickly realized that music will be a large part of who he is. With knowledge of basic music theory, he taught himself how to play acoustic guitar early on in high school. Shortly after that, the bass guitar made its way into his hands. He now performs his solo acoustic act on top of plucking the bass for the few different bands he plays in throughout Michigan. He is looking forward to what the future holds for this Odd Shaped Puzzle...

Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas was born in Houston Texas, and new to Michigan from Denver Colorado. Aaron grew up playing in a small church. He enjoyed playing for the church youth choir all the way up until high school. In 2012-2014, Aaron was a high school All State Jazz Drummer. He went to the University of Kansas, where he studied under Brandon Draper in the Jazz Department. Aaron has toured around the country with many artists: •Kid Astronaut •Brothers of Brass •Venus Cruz •Emma Mayes and The Hip •Cash Hollistah. He has a strong passion for music and his work ethic is HUGE. His playing ranges anywhere between jazz, R&B, soul, funk, rock, country, folk, gospel.